Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here are some random fun pics!

We have so much fun riding on the ice
cream truck in the mall. Abe's smile tells all.

This was the first time having a bath in our bath
tub.....what a hoot. The jacuzzi makes amazing bubbles.
The kids were laughing really hard and didn't want to
get out. We had to shower off though after we were done.

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Fun in the snow!!!
Hard to believe it snowed a few weeks ago but it did!
We had lots of fun being pulled on the sled and playing
in the trampoline.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Hi Everybody!!!!!
It's been a little while since you've heard from us! We are doing wonderful and enjoying our family more and more each day. The Lord has done great things for us!

Happy Easter!

When dad got home after the camp, the kids were excited to catch up with him. He is such a stallion:)
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Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas 2007

Happy New Year!

We sure had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you did too.

We went to Florida for Christmas this year and had tons of fun!! The whole family went to the Florida Aquarium, the beach, and Busch Gardens. We also had a blast at my parents' house riding on the golf cart, playing with Nana and Bampa, and going swimming. We got to hang out a lot with my brother and his family. There are horse stables near their house that we visited and my brother has a huge Christmas light display in his yard that the boys completely loved. We loved playing with our cousins Sean and Alyse too! The time sure flew by!

Matt and I went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure while Nana and Bampa kept the boys. We went with my brother and his family. It's probably one of our favorite theme parks we've been to! We highly recommend it.

The beach that we went to is at MacDill Air Force Base. Besides going to the beach, we also got to see all the neat airplanes!

This family picture was taken right on the spot where Matt proposed to me 9 years ago. WOW...the Lord has sure been faithful to our family. What a joy to return there with the boys and have this picture. The Lord has done great things for us.

Thanks so much for the prayers you've said for us over the years!! Click here to see the new pictures!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A few weeks ago, our family went on the Christmas train in Springdale. We had soooo much fun. We went from Springdale to Fayetteville and got to see Santa also.

Abe and Luke are sitting on the caboose in this picture. Abe is holding his new train in his hand from his's a steamy.

The boys sure do love each other and get along amazing. It's wonderful to see the love between two brothers.

Dad is giving them a bear hug. He's such an incredible daddy. We are so thankful for him!!!!
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Web Album

We created a new web album to update everyone. Remember that each picture is worth a thousand words. Hope you enjoy here.

Christmas 2007

Hey everyone! We know it's been forever since we've blogged. This is Kerrie and I'm attempting to learn how to blog so that I can update this site a little bit. So, please be patient with me as I learn. Thanks and we love you.
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Family Update!

Hello, everyone! I know this is a new record for time in between blogs, but we've had some issues with getting our pictures on the blog that I've hopefully fixed by making our first web album! Our new photo album can be found right here!

Well, here's a crash course in our lives over the past few months...

-We had a great Christmas at Mom's house in Bartlesville--and it turns out it was our last Christmas there! Mom and Grandma sold their house and have moved to Northwest Arkansas! They are leasing a house right down the street while they build on the land next to Jaime and Jason's. We are so excited! It's a continuation of our master plan to get everyone in our family to move to NWA. Watch could be next.

-Luke had his first birthday! His party was great. We found out he really loves birthday cake. (You'll be able to tell from the pictures!)

-Abe got his first black eye! He fell off a 6-inch tall stage at the church and gave himself a pretty good shiner. Since then, he's had 3 more so he's gotten to be a pro at it.

-Abe has started talking up a storm. He says "thank you" around 200 times a day, and we can only pray he'll keep that up.

-We are experts in the movie "Cars." Our extensive knowledge come from watching it at least once a day since it's come out. We have almost all the Cars Hot Wheels, and Abe loves the Lightning McQueen car. He eats with it, bathes with it, and sleeps with it. Kerrie even bought another one to keep as a spare so we won't have to go through the trauma of losing him.

-Luke loves balls (he calls everything "ball") and Abe loves anything with an engine--cars, boats, airplanes, trains, etc.

Well, there's some of the stuff we've got going on. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hey there! Welcome back! Posted by Picasa

Two favorite things--watching Bob the Builder and torturing the dog. Posted by Picasa

Tater's taking some modeling pics. He's working on being the next Gerber baby. Posted by Picasa

What? Posted by Picasa

Luke's a little excited about the slide. Posted by Picasa

The hiking pack--Dad walks while Luke pulls his ears. Everybody wins! Posted by Picasa

Lemme outta here! Posted by Picasa

Abe and Riley LOVE playing together. Abe only lost two fingers in this shot. Posted by Picasa

Our Halloween Pics! Pictured from right to left: Yoda, Qui-Gonn Jinn (Jedi), Speeder bike Leia, and an Ewok. (He just looks like a lion) Posted by Picasa

Trick or treating was hard work. (and cold!) Needless to say, Abe didn't last very long... Posted by Picasa

...and Tater was over it even faster. Posted by Picasa

Help you I can! Posted by Picasa

We went to a Harvest Party up at the church. Yoda loved the puppet show! He walked right up to the front! Posted by Picasa